The Surprising Solution

Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World

by Bruce Piasecki

Published November 1, 2009 by Sourcebooks
352 pages • ISBN #978-1402214509

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The Surprising Solution

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The Surprising Solution is a manifesto for the corporate responsibility revolution.”

— Jay Whitehead, Editor, CRO Magazine

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Going green and solving world problems is no longer something businesses do just for good PR. It's the most important and revolutionary factor driving the incredible success of businesses on the right side of the wave, and hurting those that are falling behind.

In this groundbreaking new book, leading environmental and business strategist Bruce Piasecki demonstrates that going green and solving global problems is the new benchmark by which corporations will be judged. Just as importantly, socially responsible capitalism will be the key to driving profits for 21st-century businesses.

The Surprising Solution is nothing less than a roadmap to the future of capitalism. It describes the revolution in business in which the corporations that can best address environmental and social issues — in part by creating superior products designed for sustainability — will be the ones to thrive and profit in this new world. Discover how to take hold of this vital new force in business and improve both the world and your bottom line at the same time.

Published by Sourcebooks in November 2009, The Surprising Solution includes an introduction by the author addressing the recent vast changes in the world economy, an Afterword by Patricia Aburdene (author of the Megatrends series), and timely case studies that reflect the transformation in the business environment over the past two years.

What People Are Saying About The Surprising Solution


"Bruce Piasecki's underlying theme in The Surprising Solution — that business can and will lead our society into this new and better world — is right on target. In this new frontier, sustainability and innovation are inextricably linked and are the only two guarantors of long-term corporate success and profitability. We've proven to ourselves that better and smarter products create differentiation, expand our markets, and improve our profitability."

— Vance D. Bell, Chairman and CEO,
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

"Through his published work, Bruce has captured the essence of key learnings from his engagements across global enterprises, and shared that wisdom with those who want their firms to compete successfully in the new millennium. As a coach and facilitator with executives at Shaw Industries who comprise our Growth & Sustainability Council, Bruce has helped uncover the essential strategies to compete and win through corporate social responsibility, good governance, and sustainability."

— Richard (Rick) Ramirez, V.P., Corporate Sustainability &
Environmental Affairs, Shaw Industries Inc.

"This book should be read by all consumers and social and business leaders concerned about this new century. Bruce Piasecki writes in an engaging and readable style about items of consequence to your life and firm."

Frank Boren, Former CEO of the Nature Conservancy,
former ARCO Board Member, and
Founder of Sustainable Conservation

"Business from a new perspective — one which offers inspired possibilities for a better world..."

— Bruce Sampson, Vice President, Sustainability,
BC Hydro

"The Surprising Solution is a must-read during this time of economic turmoil. As we watch government bailouts and market intervention, Bruce Piasecki shows convincingly why these interventions are mistimed and probably counterproductive, given the revolution he writes about in global capitalism. It is important that policymakers recognize this new-century fact."

— Steve Percy, CEO of BP America and
Coordinating Lead Author of the United Nations
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

"Read this book and learn how today's business leaders are innovating, growing, and enhancing the economic performance of their companies while building long-term social, environmental and moral capital for their shareholders. Social response capitalism - give the people what they need, and profit.

Tyler J. Elm, Operating Partner,
2Degrees Capital Partners

"As a father of three, here's my advice: read Bruce Piasecki's The Surprising Solution for your future, your family, and financial health. If knowledge is power, Bruce Piasecki's work is powerful, as it predicted the 2008-2009 financial meltdown. Given Piasecki's forecasting track record across 30 years and six books, all you need to do is ask yourself this question: Can I afford to miss what Piasecki is predicting in this new paperback edition?"

— Jay Whitehead, Editor and Publisher of
Chief Responsibility Officer
and Crossing Media Publications

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