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An Exclusive AHC Group Report on Trends in the Capital Markets and Investment Community.

Logic of the Report Content, and Purposes of the AHC Group-Facilitated Workshop Series

Across the last few years, AHC Group has facilitated a number of private workshops focused on its Corporate Affiliate members—from HP, Merck, and ConocoPhillips to over a dozen of the leading utitlies in the world—on “Risk, Value & Trends.”

Our common theme has been to update member companies on developments in capital markets and the investment community regarding how best to capture the value of your firm’s energy, environmental, and corporate social responsiblity (CSR) programs and efforts.

This reports bridges the usual gap between your financial and investment people and those running your energy, environmental and corporate responsiblity functions.

AHC Group Founder Bruce Piasecki, along with Senior Associate Dennis Minano and former Senior Associate Alan Banks, have written a 65-page report based on these findings and meetings. (Alan Banks, before heading up this effort at the AHC Group, was the former CEO of Fitch Core Ratings and an investment banker at UBS for two decades.)

This report helps your company understand the key concerns and key purposes of the over 80 key groups shaping how your firm is perceived by the capital markets and the investment community.

You can read a summary of the report here »

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