Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions

Benchmarking Workshop:
"The Rising Role of Renewables in Corporate Strategy"

Program Overview

All over America and the world, corporations large and small are confronting an unrelenting array of issues centered on the management of their energy and environmental footprint.

As energy independence becomes a global imperative and renewable energy attracts an unprecedented array of interests from every sector, corporations are being challenged to play a significant role in developing markets for renewable energy through their own internal strategies and actions.


This workshop provides participants with competitive insight into today's energy market through access to leading executives and policymakers. Participation is limited to no more than 50 companies, with sessions structured to facilitate open dialogue among attendees.

As a participant, you will gain a basic understanding of the regulatory and market environments, learn about your energy efficiency options, and hear how green power can provide any number of ancillary benefits, including strengthened relationships with customers, shareholders, and employees; product and brand differentiation; and a hedge against fluctuating fossil fuel prices.

For further insight into the benefits of this program, you can view online some of the PowerPoint presentations given at past Renewable Energy & Climate Solutions workshops:

Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions 2008 Workshop

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