Missing Persons

A delicious read! Missing Persons reveals the man behind business best sellers like Doing More with Less. Piasecki’s evocative vignettes reflect a generosity of spirit and a genuine humility that will inspire you to reflect on your own influences.
~ William M. Throop,
Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies

A Life of Unexpected Influences

by Bruce Piasecki

Published February 9, 2015 by Square One Publishers
224 pages • ISBN #978-0757004124

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions

Missing Persons


Bruce Piasecki's book on business strategy Doing More With Less: The New Way to Wealth, was an immediate success, becoming a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Indeed, Doing More With Less is not just a clever book title; it explains the core philosophy of a man who, propelled from an impoverished and fatherless childhood, became an internationally sought-after resource for the world's largest corporations—from Toyota and Walmart to Shell and Suncor Energy.

Those who helped and shaped Dr. Piasecki are the focus of his latest work, Missing Persons: A Life of Unexpected Influences. In this set of masterfully written vignettes, Piasecki channels his poetic side—a side that was first recognized at Cornell University, when his little-known book of poems was published under the title Stray Prayers in 1973.

The memoir, one part autobiography, one part creative non-fiction, recounts the author's formative relationships and experiences with intimacy and longing. Meet his mother and father, his interracial brothers and sisters, his early and late business partners, his muses, his daughter, and his wife. The story is told in a unique third-person narrative that provides intrigue for readers as they follow the protagonist through loss, passion, self-invention, and a litany of fears and dreams—each revealed in eloquent prose.

In the process, Bruce allows us to understand the power of memory and how it influences us. The simplicity that made Doing More With Less a bestseller makes this new work not only compelling, but also life-affirming.

Missing Persons explores the meaning and power of memory, and offers an opportunity for readers to pause, reflect, and recount the myriad influences in their own lives.

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