Doing More With Teams

Doing More With Teams explores what can be done to encourage a new form of competition so that organizations complete the challenges before them to drive growth and get results.

The New Way to Winning

by Bruce Piasecki

Published March 25, 2016 by Square One Publishers
192 pages • ISBN #978-0757004278

Available from Amazon in paperback, audio, and Kindle editions

Doing More With Teams


From instincts as ancient as our hunter-gatherer stages, human beings have worked in teams. But what have we really learned about what drives us to cooperate and collaborate with each other? Does all of the selfishness and scandal in business and government today suggest we have spilt the special sauce of teamwork?

Doing More With Teams explores what can be done to encourage a new form of competition so that organizations complete the challenges before them to drive growth and get results. It offers a new premise for the idea of teamwork and challenges the perception that individualism is the only way to wealth. Through real-life and historical examples of teams that have inspired awe, this book lays out a solid set of principles that work for all kinds of teams, including:

  • How aging teaches us the value of teams as a source of meaningfulness in life
  • How to establish clear principles that call for shared responsibility throughout an organization
  • How to avoid individual motivators that undermine the importance of teams
  • The costs of an excessive expectation of ceaseless victory
  • Why the best team captains are those who quickly and accurately assess team members’ capabilities — and figure out how that affects the group

Doing More With Teams enlightens the world to a new, more ethical, more collaborative way forward and shows us how best to tap into the magic of teamwork.

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What People Are Saying About Doing More With Teams

“Bruce Piasecki might well be the most interesting writer in the field of business today, in large part because he brings the perspective of a humanist with broad literary training to the table, as in this compelling book about working in teams. Only together do we, as the human race, move forward. This is true in all aspects of life, but especially in business. An inspired and inspiring book.”

Jay Parini
bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M.

“Hot on the heels of Doing More With Less, Bruce has produced Doing More With Teams, where he skillfully lays out the value of working together to achieve greater outcomes. Paired, they are a valuable resource for creating a resilient future for individuals and organisations.”

Selena Griffith
Senior Lecturer, UNSW

“More often than not, we tend to lose sight of the simplest truths, in both our business and personal lives. In the sequel to his bestselling Doing More With Less, Bruce Piasecki helps us to retrain our sights on these basic truths, enabling all of us who depend on teams to lead by example and ultimately succeed.”

Demetri Chriss
Business Development Manager, Macedonian Thrace Brewery

“Piasecki does a superb job at outlining the origins of the teamwork paradigm and its relevance to our lives today. He recognizes its application to business and offers great advice for creating a teamwork-inspired atmosphere. Doing More With Teams is an insightful book and a must-have for anyone wanting to create an effective and dynamic workplace environment.”

Erol User
President & CEO, User Corporation, Istanbul, Turkey

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