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Discover the Latest Books by Bruce Piasecki, Bestselling Author on These Popular Lists

Available now for purchase online is Dr. Piasecki’s latest book, A New Way to Wealth: The Power Of Doing More With Less, available directly from the publisher. (For a free sneak peek at the book, download it here.)

Daniel Sherrell (author of Warmth) writes: “After a lifetime of experience in business and government, Piasecki is calling for a new era of restraint, frugality, and public-mindedness—not as PR window dressing, but as a set of non-negotiable first principles.”

And Dr. Dominic Emery (Chief of Staff at bp) says this about Piasecki’s latest book: “In a world increasingly constrained by planetary boundaries and the impacts of climate and social change, this book is both intelligent and fun. It brings together the full extent of Bruce’s personal experience and journey—along with the unique individuals with whom he has worked over decades—to offer wonderful insights on what it takes to transform to a purposeful, sustainable, and winning enterprise.”

In today's hurried world, learners are seeking new ways to consume fresh information that is more engaging and self-paced, and that allows them to learn what they want when they want. As a result of all this, Piasecki has partnered with the company Ready Learner One to transform his time-tested principles into a virtual course that will let any learner and corporate leader—across the globe before their computers or handhelds, and at their own pace—become certified. Register for Ready Learner One’s Innovations Beta Lab so you can learn from other global leaders. You may wish to start by enrolling in this self-paced training from Dr. Piasecki’s books through their platform. Swiftly, you can become certified on your further path to success.

This selection of new books by Bruce Piasecki includes a unique chapbook series of biographies of notable business leaders of the present and recent past—and also a timely Fable for our modern day that bestselling author Jay Parini has described as a “thoughtful and absorbing read, with a message to the world. Bruce Piasecki writes with energy and vision.” These titles are available in both paperback and Kindle/eBook editions.

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Rediscover the latest books by Dr. Bruce Piasecki on the future of capitalism, the virtue of frugality, the value of teamwork, and the magic of memory. These volumes join previous timely books by the author on the topics of environmental excellence, governance, remediation, climate change, social response, and corporate sustainability.

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