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Winning in the new century requires new ways of thinking. Since 1981, our firm has worked with leading corporations to reframe their thinking, and we have actively facilitated massive change agendas to make it all actionable—for firms as different as Toyota, Warren Buffett’s Shaw Industries, FMC, and now Hess and Suncor Energy.

To unleash the power of teams, organizations need new skills and competencies. Critical skills training can shorten the learning curve and provide your teams with a set of core competencies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on your organization and position you for success in a swift and severe world.

The AHC Group provides this training to many of the world’s leading organizations and has helped promising leaders achieve the essential skills needed to manage at the highest level.

All AHC Group Senior Associates have years of experience as leaders and champions of change at major companies. Their real-world experience includes developing and delivering corporate-wide training on specific policies and technical subjects; managing and facilitating internal benchmarking sessions; presenting process-improvement workshops; and providing one-on-one mentoring to high-potential employees.

Doing More Training
Doing More Training
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