Stakeholder Engagement 2010-2013 is the first professional development working group dedicated exclusively to Stakeholder Engagement.

Private Workshop Sponsored by AHC Group and Future 500

San Francisco, CA • November 15–16, 2012

Cavallo Point Eco-Resort


Cavallo Point Eco-Resort
601 Murray Circle, Fort Baker
Sausalito, CA 94965

(415) 339-4700

The AHC Group/Future 500 Stakeholder Engagement Workshop is returning this November to San Francisco. This professional development working group is dedicated exclusively to Stakeholder Engagement. This event will draw together senior executives from top consumer, energy, and technology companies to San Francisco at the acclaimed Cavallo Point Eco-Resort on November 9–10 to share best practices, build knowledge and skills, and enable executives to promote common ground with stakeholder advocates across a range of pressing environmental and social issues.

The day will be split up into a morning issues session and an afternoon skills development session. The morning is meant to inform attendees on crucial and pressing stakeholder issues and relevant NGO campaigns, either in progress or on the horizon. The afternoon will focus on skills development concerning best practices, top issues management, and avoiding common mistakes in stakeholder engagement. Throughout the day we will have speakers from both the non-profit and for-profit sectors speak on their experiences and lessons learned in stakeholder engagement.

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