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"The Surprising Solution makes clear that the world is constantly shrinking. As a speaker, Bruce is able to drive home the point that being asleep at the wheel in responding to social issues such as the environment is a missed competitive opportunity. Businesses wanting a competitive edge are waking up and including these matters in their strategy."

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— Amy H. Wright, Director
Environmental Management
Law Department
Tomkins Industries, Inc.

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Among other things, AHC Group is a leading management advisor on Carbon and Innovation. Our goal has never been to be the largest, but simply the best and most capable at what we do. The quality of a service/product is its ultimate measure in sustaining business.

Thus, since 1981, with many years' experience in environmental, management strategy, and corporate governance consulting, we have focused on building an intricate network based on the trusted reputations of our premiere Senior Associates and Corporate Affiliates to provide trusted strategic corporate management advice and environmental leadership.

But maintaining this network would be almost impossible without the invaluable assistance of our staff members. And for that, I thank them.

Bruce Piasecki
President & Founder
AHC Group, Inc.
Dr. Bruce Piasecki

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Bruce Piasecki

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Bruce Piasecki

President & Founder

Steve Percy

AHC Group Senior Advisor

Jackie Stroka

International Business Development Director