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Below is a select offering of older (but still relevant) articles
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~ 2010 ~

AHC and Future 500 Launch

Press Release • August 12, 2010
Future 500 and AHC Group announced today that they will convene STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT 2011-2012, the first professional development working group dedicated exclusively to Stakeholder Engagement. This event will draw together senior executives from top consumer, energy, and technology companies in San Francisco this November 10-11, to share best practices, build knowledge and skills, and enable executives to promote common ground with stakeholder advocates across a range of pressing environmental and social issues in the next two years.

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Bruce Piasecki's The Surprising Solution
Reviewed by BusinessBookReview.com

Book Review (PDF) • July 27, 2010
'The world is changing at lightning speed, and only companies that understand the new realities of the global marketplace and pursue both innovation and sustainability will be equipped to prosper. In The Surprising Solution, author Bruce Piasecki addresses "how to best align going green and solving social problems with going global." It is a "declaration of interdependence, showing all capitalists and policymakers that the global economy is based on shared physical constraints in our world."

'According to Piasecki, globalization is a driving force in modern industrial society, and it encompasses social change, product change, and leadership challenges. At the core of a successful, contemporary business strategy is the concept of Social Response Capitalism, a business model that puts social concerns on par with price and performance as corporate goals. Based on his in-depth analysis of the global economy and his work with hundreds of multinational corporations, Piasecki's principles will help companies "surf" this new wave of change, navigating to success and profitability while simultaneously "making a better world."'

— From the "Introduction" (review by Diane Castro)

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Creating Possibility in a Swift & Severe World

WBZ News Radio • January 29, 2010
Jordan Rich of WBZ News Radio interviews AHC Group president and founder Bruce Piasecki about his latest book, The Surprising Solution, and on creating possibility in a "swift and severe world."

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~ 2009 ~

Sustainability and Corporate Efficiency

Green Air Radio • December 17, 2009
Rich Awn of Green Air Radio interviews AHC Group president and founder Bruce Piasecki on the paradoxical link between ecology and the economy, as described in his latest book, The Surprising Solution.

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Book Review — The Surprising Solution

Publishers Weekly • September 21, 2009
Pre-publication review of Bruce Piasecki's latest book, The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World, to be published in November 2009.

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The Economic Value of Boldness

Sky Radio • September 14, 2009
Dennis Michael of Sky Radio interviews AHC Group president and founder Bruce Piasecki on the message of his latest book, The Surprising Solution.

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~ 2008 ~

A Vision of the Near Future

Capitaland Quarterly • January 6, 2008
Dr. Bruce Piasecki presents his vision of the near future for our economy and society at Capitaland Quarterly, with moderators Rex Smith of the Albany Times Union and Lydia Kulbida of WNYT-TV.

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Driving Social Change

Albany Times Union • January 6, 2008
Eric Anderson, debuty business editor of the Times Union, writes about Bruce Piasecki's speech to the Capitaland Quarterly Forum on how environmental and social pressures will lead to changes in the ways local companies do business.

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~ 2007 ~

Inside World Inc.: Big Business Is the New Government

Salon City • November 2007
Steven Casciola interviews Bruce Piasecki about his message of global citizenship and personal responsibility, and how a new triad of financial, social, and environmental values has become the cornerstone of increasing profits and a healthier, more sustainable, future.

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Salon City Magazine - November 2007


Social Responsibility Is Entering the Corporate World

The Philadelphia Inquirer • August 6, 2007
Op/Ed article by Bruce Piasecki, in which he argues that we may be on the verge of historic change in the business world, as the factor of social responsibility joins superior product quality and competitive pricing as the most critical variables in the equation for business success.

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Going Green Collides with Going Global

Leading Authorities • August 2007
The Leading Authorities speaker bureau interviews author Bruce Piasecki about his key lecture topics on World Inc. themes.

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Who's Going to Solve Problems Like Climate Change?

Bloomberg TV • April 20, 2007
Money & Politics anchor Peter Cook interviews the author about how his book World Inc. can help companies gain leverage on this century's new business wave, "where going global is colliding with going green."

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