AHC Group News Archive: 2002-2006

Below is a select offering of older (but still relevant) articles
published by or about AHC Group officers, associates, and clients.

~ 2006 ~

"What Denmark Teaches Us About the Smart Grid"
Published in the Smart Grid Newsletter, April 15, 2006
Journalist Peter Asmus spotlights the example of Denmark — where efforts to implement an "intelligent grid" has already been underway — to help us understand why the energy distribution grid in the U.S. needs to be modernized.
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"Greening Finance: Why Wall Street Needs the White House"
Published in GreenBiz, February 2006
This article by Bruce Piasecki and Peter Asmus examines why Goldman Sachs became one of the first socially responsible companies to explicitly acknowledge that we cannot achieve climate stabilization without government regulations to complement individual corporate actions.
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~ 2005 ~

"The Insider Environmentalist"
Published in Tech Valley Times, December 2005
Profile of AHC Group founder and president Bruce Piasecki.
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"Smart Products Can Save the Planet"
Published in Christian Science Monitor, November 8, 2005
This story by Bruce Piasecki and Peter Asmus explains why it is best these days to look to car companies like Toyota to develop better products such as the hybrid gasoline/electric car to solve our air pollution woes and reduce our consumption of increasingly expensive fossil fuels.
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"5th Annual Empire Energy & Environmental Expo"
EBA/NYS press release for event of October 11-12, 2005
AHC Group founder and president Dr. Bruce Piasecki was the keynote speaker at this important event, held in Saratoga Springs, New York, where he spoke on the topic of "Leadership and Better Products for a Better World."
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"Global Warming II: The Meaning of Success"
By Frank E. Loy and David B. Sandalow
On the meaning of the G8 summit meeting held in Perthshire, Scotland, July 6-8, 2005.
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"Being a Good Investment"
Published in 2005 in the Environment Council's quarterly journal
Here senior associate Alan Banks lists the key issues companies need to think about and gives an idea on how to proceed with regard to CSR and Financial Risk.
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~ 2002 ~

"Estimating Investment Risk, Post-Enron"
Published in 2002 in Sustainable Business Investor, Issue 2
An article by former AHC Group Senior Associate Alan Banks.
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