This ongoing benchmarking workshop series provides an intimate peer-to-peer sanctuary of leadership mentoring and high-level executive debate and discussion of the most relevant issues to you and your firm.

AHC Group 18th Annual
Corporate Affiliates Workshop Series

Saratoga Springs, New York

June 18-20, 2008 • VIEW PROGRAM DETAILS »

"Achieving Results: In Corporate Strategy Today"

World Inc. Leadership Mentoring Hosted by AHC Group


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The presentations found on this encrypted page include the following:

Green Growth Alliance Roundtable

  • GE
    "Ecomagination: Sustainable Innovation"
    Presented by Jeff Renaud, Director, Ecomagination

Delivering on the Bottom Line:
Corporate Governance and Social Needs Workshop

  • Tyler Elm
    "Saving Business: An Insider's look at Wal-Mart's Business Sustainability Strategy — a Competitive Framework for the 21st Century"
    Presented by Tyler Elm, Former Wal-Mart Senior Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Sustainability
  • Shaw Industries
    "The Shaw Green Edge Sustainability Business Platform"
    Presented by Rick Ramirez, VP Sustainability & Environmental Affairs
  • Georgia-Pacific
    "Creating a Sustainable Business Vision: The Georgia-Pacific Experience"
    Presented by Bill Frerking, Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer

Emerging Issues and Stakeholder Trends Workshop

  • McGraw-Hill Construction
    "Greening of Construction: A View on Energy, Water & Building Trends"
    Presented by Michele Russo, Director of Green Content & Research Communications
  • CH2M Hill
    "The MASDAR Initiative: Inspiring Sustainable 21st Century World Cities"
    Presented by John Lovenburg, VP — Global Director of Environmental Site Management;
    and Al Hannum, VP — Global Industrial Client Group Director
  • Energy Future Holdings
    "TXU Energy, Luminant, and Oncor: Three Separate & Distinct Businesses"
    Presented by Deborah Boyle, Oncor Senior Director ES&H
  • Oncor Electric Delivery
    "SF6 and the Environment: Oncor Electric Delivery and EPA's Climate Change Partnership for Electric Utilities"
    Presented by Martha Henson, Senior Environmental Specialist
  • AHC Group & ARCADIS
    "Observations on the Annual Arcadis/GM Remediation Workshops"
    Presented by Mark Coleman, Senior Associate, AHC Group
  • AHC Group & ARCADIS
    "The 2008 HSE Executive Roundtable in Amsterdam"
    Presented by Steve Willis, Senior Associate, AHC Group

Site Remediation and Management Risk Reduction Workshop

  • DuPont
    "Removing Barriers to Corporate Brownfield Redevelopment"
    Presented by Dwight Bedsole, Business Director, Corporate Remediation
  • Energy Answers International
    "Eco-Industrial Parks as a Vehicle for Converting Liability to Productive Redevelopment"
    Presented by Pat Mahoney, President & CEO
  • Honeywell
    "Remediation and Real Estate: A Team Approach to Brownfield Management"
    Presented by Dave Wickersham, Corporate Director of Remediation & Evaluation Services

Money Matters and Shareholder Value Workshop

  • MetaVû
    "Workshop Introduction"
    Presented by Mark Serwinowski, President & Founder
  • Sterling Planet
    "The Rising Role of Renewables in Corporate Strategy"
    Presented by Mel Jones, President & CEO
  • Greentrack Strategies
    "Three Emerging Legal and Strategic Shifts to Sustainability"
    Presented by Ira Feldman, President

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