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From Emergency Response to Social Response

How the AHC Group
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Corporate Affiliates

(step 4)

In the aftermath of the disastrous tsunami that struck South Asia a few years ago, one fact highlights the vital importance of communication. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, not because the earthquake that touched off this tidal wave went undetected, but because its consequences could not be communicated in time to the communities in its path.

Many firms today are just as vulnerable to seismic shifts in the business environment. This is not because they're unaware of the financial, social and environmental forces that threaten to overwhelm their present market position. It's because they haven't developed the response options that will enable them to move swiftly to safety when disaster strikes.

In the recent seismic shifts that have engulfed business, many of our clients have actually captured new value. This is because we have helped them develop tools to master the turbulence. The AHC Group can help your firm blend intelligent, transparent, and repeatable responses to your financial, organizational, and energy and environmental risks. Because we have seen the pattern in many firms, we can detect the trends, eliminate the wasted efforts, and refocus on the value.

Just as most business value is now built on intangibles, many strategic challenges come from outside the traditional arenas of markets and competitors. Global businesses face social and environmental expectations from customers, employees, communities, governments and activists on a global scale. New regulations and trends towards transparency, in light of corporate scandals, require new levels of certification and reporting to meet the demands of regulators, investors, and the capital markets.

The AHC Group can help your firm master the art of anticipating these expectation — a form of advanced capitalism based on social response. Social Response capitalism positions a firm for sustainable long-term growth through an equal focus on price, quality, and social response — the wide range of social, environmental and governance expectations.

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