Step 3

Dreams grow holy put in action; work grows fair through starry dreaming,
But where each flows on unmingling, both are fruitless and in vain.

~ Adelaide Anne Procter

Converting Research Profiles
into Actionable Diagnostics

How the AHC Group
Serves Clients and
Corporate Affiliates

(step 3)

The focus of our research and profiling work is to help clients convert our findings into actionable diagnostics. Once on retainer, we often send clients monthly alerts that add immediate value. We keep our retainers on monthly renewals, as we do not want a long assignment. Our work is based on trust and use.

In addition, we offer clients two paths to maintaining focus and tracking progress as supplements to our private monthly counsels — the Corporate Affiliates Program and Corporate Strategy Today.

  • Our clients can benchmark their progress through our transformative workshop series called the Corporate Affiliates Program. Since 1990, we've offered workshops on Delivering on the Bottom Line, Money Matters & Shareholder Value, Emerging Issues & Stakeholder Trends, and Site Remediation & Management Risk Reeuction. Workshop participation allows firms to assess and exchange knowledge in a private sanctuary of corporate leaders.
  • Clients can publish their progress in Corporate Strategy Today. CST is the AHC Group monograph series through which firms can draw public interest to their progress and leadership. It is read by a discerning network of business innovators, and reaches a premier audience of legal, financial and academic leaders via publication through Lexis Nexis.

Please contact [email protected] if you want past client samples, or histories of client results.

Click here to see a directory of CST monographs. Or contact Bruce Piasecki at [email protected] for information on obtaining past issues and articles.

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