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The corporations we serve have only a fraction of their value embedded in their machines, staff and tangible assets. A larger and increasing amount of a firm's value is locked up in many intangibles — from the vision of its leaders, to the internal logic and protocols on how it positions itself to handle challenges in its supply chain. It is especially evident in how a firm confronts the upside or downside of its environmental pressures, or how it replies to the many relentless requests from the global equity markets. For this reason, we start our proprietary research approach by mapping your key value drivers and challenges.

  1. We begin by addressing your high-end and high-risk products and items of management concern, from spikes in your supply chain or energy portfolio to the many environmental pressures now before you. (In the case of Toyota, for example, we focused in early 1999-2003 on the promise and challenges of their hybrid power train strategy, assisting their head of sales, marketing, law, and production.)
  2. We employ a private facilitation technique — a series of sensing interviews — to help your leadership team identify priorities. Through this technique, we can often reach the top 5% of a firm in less than 120 days to better align and deploy the strategy.
  3. We offer your leaders a diagnostic document to dissect and reply to. We often use this "centering document" to facilitate internal alignment and task clarification.

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