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Like the natural world around us, the business world confronts us with daily challenges — fleeting storms for which we can prepare, but whose wild behavior we can never fully predict. But beneath these atmospheric currents lie seismic pressures that affect businesses in much longer time frames — and with greater force.

Just as the restless earth pulses with earthquakes, volcanoes, and continental drift, the business world is full of upheaval, explosive change, and an ever-shifting geography.

We help our clients navigate the turbulence of the complex global business environment and develop sustainable long-term business strategies using an approach we call Social Response Capitalism. We do it with private diagnostic tools developed during our 25 years' experience in helping firms capture their hidden value.

We cannot guarantee your organization calm seas and smooth sailing. What we do offer is a five-step process to uncovering new paths to sustainable growth based on three corporate creeds: Price, Technical Quality, and Social Response.

NGO Endorsement:

"We can't steer by the old lights, and ventures like AHC, people like Bruce, are engaged in a process of informed guidance, helping enterprise around history's sharp corners by putting language to current and impending conditions."

— Gene Miller
Founder of Gaining Ground

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Note: Bruce Piasecki was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Gaining Ground Summit in Vancouver, BC

On this website you can read about our mission of promoting good corporate creeds and making the business case about the near future. For additional insight into how we work, please visit our Publications page.

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