Case Study Two: FMC

FMC and Establishing Growth & Sustainability Councils

The AHC worked with FMC Leadership to Create and Implement Program across Global Operations

FMC’s Sustainable Growth Council was created to implement a sustainability program and embed a sustainability mindset throughout global operations. This project was started in 2010 before Senior Leadership, continued in 2011 and 2012 in the appointment of two dozen key FMC leaders, and continues today at a business integration and implementation level.

Competing on Sustainability

  • FMC has benefited from the successful implementation of a Sustainable Growth program. the Group by getting in front of emerging global trends, enhancing reputation, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and creating business and market growth.

Global Mega-Trends

  • AHC worked with and assisted FMC in identifying key current global mega-trends and the sustainability related risks and opportunities available to FMC.
  • The trending needs for the future that were provided to FMC included the increasing demand for scarce natural resources, the need for increased food, feed and fiber production, alternatives to fossil fuels, competition for land , and the growing need for safety and protection for both people and the environment

Competitive Assessment

  • To assess how FMC compares to actions by peers the AHC Group provided results from numerous surveys and case studies, A Competitive Review of Sustainability Goals and Metrics was also developed and presented to Senior Management and the Growth and Sustainability Council.

Primary Objectives of FMC’s Global Sustainability Program

  • AHC assisted FMC in defining the primary objectives for the Sustainability Program, a Sustainability Council Charter, an Action Plan and Time-Line for the Sustainability Council.
  • Three ongoing Working Groups were established to implement sustainability across “all” business functions within FMC.
  • To facilitate the transformational process (shift in culture) of embedding sustainability throughout FMC, the AHC Group worked with leadership to develop a clear sustainability vision that was incorporated in their existing Vision statement.

AHC Group provided guidance to FMC on many issues, such as:

  1. Justification and job description for Sustainability Director, Sustainability Analyst, and Stakeholder Engagement Manager.
  2. Sustainability project criteria and capital allocation.
  3. Stakeholder engagement process.
  4. Supplier sustainability assessment program.
  5. Integrating sustainability in M&A due diligence process.
  6. Sustainability Goals and targets.
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