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The AHC Group "Site Remediation and Management Risk Reduction" workshop was the original foundation of our benchmarking series when they began in 1990.

The workshops have since evolved, yet we still are the leaders in bringing you the most experienced and trusted Site Remediation & Risk Reduction benchmarking wokshops around the globe. Under the leadership of Dwight Bedsole (former Director of Remediation at DuPont, and considered by his peers to be the "Dean of Site Re"), this workshop has developed into an alumni association of today's top Remediation, EH&S, and IR executive leaders in intensive and interactive hour-long case presentations of best practices throughout industry.

This workshop has evolved over the years, and now it focuses on a broader topic range to include financial assurance, operational risk, and retired assets. This engaging workshop now involves over 120 of the leading multinationals in the world.

Past speakers of the Risk Reduction & Site Remediation workshop include:

  • Robert S. Faron, Esq. — former Deputy Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and Assistant General Counsel at Amerada Hess Corporation
  • Brett Davidson — President and Founder of E2 Solutions
  • Joe Naccache — Segment Director of Remediation Management at BP America
  • Stephen Jester — Manager, Management Systems and Technology Risk Management and Remediation at ConocoPhillips
  • David Wickersham — Senior Director of Site Remediation at Honeywell
  • Greg Cochran — Senior Director of Remediation and M&A Due Diligence EHS at Dow Chemical Company
    • Download a free sample presentation by Greg, which was delivered at our June 2005 workshops.
      (Format: PowerPoint; File size: 1.26MB)

Register early to save your seat at the next workshop session, as seats are limited to ensure an atmosphere of engagement and intimacy.

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