FAQs Corporate Governance Seminars

Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Governance Seminars

Q: Who should attend a corporate governance seminar?

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A: AHC Group's corporate governance seminars have played host to hundreds of today's top executive leaders. Attendance is recommended for all key members of management who bear responsibility for establishing corporate direction and business performance, including executive officers, directors, and board members. Our corporate governance workshops focus on developing the skills of vice presidents at large multinational companies.

Q: Why attend a seminar on corporate governance?

A: The AHC Group's "Achieving Results" leadership benchmarking workshop series addresses the current state of and issues involving corporate governance, sustainability, risk reduction, and renewable energy. They are designed to give attendees a look at how improved risk management and corporate governance will help them cope with the challenges facing their business, both today and tomorrow. At the AHC Group, we foster leader-to-leader dialogue because we believe that effective corporate governance is dependent on learning from the best-managed companies. Since 1986, we have watched this dialogue develop between our more than 40 Corporate Affiliates representing more than 3,000 leaders from a diversified range of companies.

Q: How can my company join the Corporate Affiliates Program?

A: AHC Group Corporate Affiliate membership is open to any company looking to benchmark with other Affiliates on corporate governance issues. In order to be a new Affiliate, you must be recommended by at least three current Affiliates. There is also a membership fee of $12,500 to be paid annually. For more information, please contact Marti at 518-583-9615 or email her at marti@ahcgroup.com.

Q: What are some general corporate governance issues?

A: The global issues that corporate governance addresses are numerous and ever-changing due to the direct influence of political, governmental, financial, national and international factors; but some of the key topics addressed during AHC Group's "Achieving Results" leadership benchmarking workshop series include:

  • Enterprise Risk and Corporate Communications
  • Emerging Issues
  • Competing on Sustainability
  • Site Remediation and Risk Reduction
  • Delivering on the Bottom Line
  • Stakeholder Trends & Engagement

Q: Where can I find conferences devoted to a corporate governance theme?

A: The AHC Group offers seminars and workshops devoted to corporate governance. Our "Achieving Results" leadership benchmarking workshop series is a process of transformational corporate learning, featuring the experiences and innovations of AHC Group Senior Associates, clients, and our global leading Corporate Affiliate Program member organizations. The series covers relevant corporate leadership issues such as governance, sustainability, emerging issues, risk reduction and renewable energy. To learn more about our benchmarking workshops or to register online, please visit AHC Group's Upcoming Corporate Governance Seminars page.

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