Competing on Sustainability

The Value of Corporate Innovation
in a Swift and Severe World

The Surprising Solution


In November 2009, Sourcebooks released an updated version of Dr. Piasecki's revolutionary book (originally titled World Inc.) on how companies operating in the new century will thrive by making better products designed for sustainability.

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Achieving Results Workshop Session

The AHC Group is pleased to announce that, due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our last workshop in June 2009, the Competing on Sustainability panel will become a regular part of our program for the next three years.

The key word here is competing. Now, more than ever, businesses need to stay ahead of the pack — and as cost-effectively as possible — on multiple fronts. This panel will help attendees acquire the knowledge and tools to become and remain competitive in this increasingly important area of corporate sustainability and innovation.

The Chair of this panel is Ken Strassner, former VP, Global Environment, Safety, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, at Kimberley-Clark Corporation.

With his expertise in innovation and sustainability in complex corporate settings, we intend to grow this panel into one of the premier forums for discussions on sustainable value creation.

AHC Group has been on the cutting edge of sustainability issues and corporate innovation training for years now, and we invite you now to review Issue XII of our briefing on business strategy and corporate governance, Corporate Strategy Today ("CST"). This issue, on Leading Corporate Strategies and Climate Change, contains articles by business leaders who are finding innovative ways for companies to succeed in a carbon-constrained world. Click on the appropriate links on this page to read free excerpts from the issue on the important topics of corporate sustainability, corporate innovation, and the implications of climate change on corporate planning.

Workshop Slide: How We Define Sustainability
Slide from the DuPont presentation at our January 2018 Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona

As a service to our visitors and clients, we are providing this Global Compact report, The Value Driver Model: A Tool for Communicating the Business Value of Sustainability, which was released at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a Better World.
Click on the link above to download the report in PDF format.
This report is part of a toolkit that includes presentation slides and fully developed case examples. The toolkit is available for those interested in learning more about the Value Driver Model and how companies can utilise it for communicating with their shareholders and potential shareholders.
For more information, please visit the UN Global Compact website.

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