Leadership Workshops

Join the AHC's premiere network of top global leaders in provocative, innovative discussion of the world's current and emerging critical business and social issues, including:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Competing on Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy
  • Social Response Capitalism

...and much more.

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Sample of AHC Group-Facilitated Events

ENFOS: AHC Group Facilitated Events

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Upcoming Business Leadership Seminars

Program details for the AHC Group Corporate Affiliates Workshop to be held January 22-23, 2020 at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

AHC Group Energy Competitiveness Workshop

Registration and agenda for the 13th AHC Group Energy Competitiveness Workshop to be held in November 2019 at American Electric Power Headquarters in Columbus, OH.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement 2010-2013 is a professional development working group dedicated exclusively to stakeholder engagement, drawing together senior executives from top consumer, energy, and technology companies to share best practices, build knowledge and skills, and enable executives to promote common ground with stakeholder advocates across a range of pressing environmental and social issues.

About the AHC Group Benchmarking Workshops

The AHC Group Achieving Results corporate leadership mentoring and benchmarking workshop program encompasses themes on Delivering on the Bottom Line, Competing on Sustainability, Emerging Issues & Stakeholder Trends, and Site Remediation & Management Risk Reduction, along with Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions.

Delivering on the Bottom Line

The AHC Group Delivering on the Bottom Line corporate governance and social needs benchmarking workshop, chaired by Steve Wolff, adds key messages and lessons regarding profit and loss to the themes of environmental sustainability, risk management, and corporate governance addressed by our other workshops.

Competing on Sustainability

The AHC Group Competing on Sustainability corporate innovation and value creation benchmarking workshop, chaired by Tim Lindsey, helps organization incorporate sustainability into the core of the business as a platform for growth and diversification.

Emerging Issues and Stakeholder Trends

The AHC Group Emerging Issues & Stakeholder Trends leadership benchmarking workshops integrate the trusted and experienced advice of our Senior Associates with the insights of top operating and executive leaders to provide corporate leadership training and mentoring in today's critical business concerns.

Site Remediation and Management Risk Reduction

The AHC Group Site Remediation & Management Risk Reduction leadership benchmarking workshops focus on site remediation programs and policies as well as on financial assurance, operational risk, and retired assets.

Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions

This ongoing series of corporate benchmarking workshops focuses on renewable energy, global warming, and climate change solutions. The topic of corporate sustainability is an integral component of our corporate leadership training series.

Participant Testimonials

A sampling of endorsements and other positive feedback from participants and presenters at recent AHC Group benchmarking workshops.

Past AHC Group Business Leadership Seminars

Archive of past AHC Group Benchmarking and Leadership Mentoring Workshops for remediation, risk reduction, risk management, governance, sustainability, and shareholder value.

FAQs Corporate Governance Seminars

The AHC Group's "Achieving Results" leadership benchmarking workshop series addresses the current state of and issues involving corporate governance, sustainability, risk reduction, and renewable energy.