Corporate Strategy Today: Issue 2


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Coming of Age for EH&S Professionals
by Kenneth R. Dickerson - AHC Group Senior Associate & Retired Senior VP of External Affairs at Atlantic Richfield Company

The EH&S movement is no longer in its infancy, but it hasn't advanced to become a critical component to the ongoing success of the corporation. EH&S professionals are uniquely suited to be the corporation's external window on the world and be problem solvers and visionaries. How can they cause management to listen?

Golf Course to the Rescue
by Kenneth R. Dickerson

EH&S experts at ARCO proposed building a golf course when the company was confronted with a costly mining waste clean up. At least $15 million in shareholder dollars were saved by EH&S officer problem solving.

Drama and Business Values of Corporate Benchmarking
by Bruce Piasecki - President and Founder of AHC Group

Benchmarking is about comparing one firm's systems to a set of another firm's parallel systems. It is an approach to learning for management at a time when learning is critical.

Avoiding Business Stumbles
by Deborah D. Anderson Ph.D. and Paul Bray, Esq. - AHC Group Senior Associates
Deborah is the past VP of Emerging Issues at Proctor and Gamble Co., Founder of Farsight Associate, Inc.

As the technical and communication sophistication of social and environmental stakeholder groups grows, the risks for a corporation of even a small product stumble ballooning into a major crisis has increased exponentially. How can corporations protect themselves?

Why Can't We Treat the Rain Forest Like the Ocean?
by Frank Boren - Board of Directors of Atlantic Richfield Co. & Chair of its EH&S Board Committee, Retired President and Chairman of the Nature Conservancy

Former ARCO Board member, Frank Boren, describes a successful example of creative corporate problem solving that resulted in development of an oil field in an Ecuadorian rain forest in a manner that preserved the rain forest and at less cost than the traditional method of exploration.

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