Corporate Strategy Today: Issue 10


The Path to Growth: Building Corporate Value through Social Leadership

Issue X release date: January 27, 2005

Featured Articles:

  1. By Gordon Lambert, Vice President Sustainable Development - Suncor Energy, Inc.

    The Path to Sustainability at Suncor Energy

    • Lambert, Vice President Sustainable Development at Suncor, describes how this leading energy company has significantly expanded its oil sands operation while effectively managing environmental impacts and addressing the needs of the local community, including aboriginal people. Lambert outlines Suncor's "parallel path" to being a sustainable energy company - developing hydrocarbons for today's needs and wind energy for the future.

  2. By By Sam Piazza, Director of Business Practices - Hewlett Packard Company

    Leveraging Global Citizenship Functions in the 21st Century Corporation

    • Piazza, Hewlett Packard's Director, Office of Business Practices, outlines HP's efforts to integrate global citizenship efforts across the entire business, from sales, investor relations, R&D, and branding, throughout HP's $40 billion supply chain and into the design and development of new products.

  3. By John Winter, President, Social Responsibility Solutions, LLC - GMCR

    Lessons in Social Responsibility for the Value Chain from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

    • John Winter is a consultant specializing in value chain social responsibility and the former Director of Social Responsibility at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Winter details the challenges of promoting social responsibility through the supply chain of a specialty company operating in the world's second largest commodity business - coffee.

  4. By Bruce Piasecki, President and Founder - AHC Group, Inc.

    Social Response Capitalism: Product Development Strategies for 21st Century Innovators and Investors

    • A new set of industrial products - from cars to computers - have shown that leading firms now compete on price, technical quality and social response. This excerpt from Piasecki's sixth book, Better Products, Better World, describes the revolutionary development of social response product development within Toyota and Hewlett Packard.

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