Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking


Through our benchmarking workshops, individual client engagement, and publications, we provide access to senior leadership across a broad industry base.

I believe the quality of presentation and presenters was remarkable. Your affiliates are getting their money's worth.
~ Steve Percy, former CEO and Chair of BP

“Congratulations on the organisation of your conference and bringing together a diverse range of outstanding participants.”

—Sarah Forrest
Global Investment Research
Goldman Sachs International


Our Corporate Affiliate Program benefits companies seeking to benchmark the business value from improved materials, energy, governance, financial risk, sustainability, and environmental performance. Through this corporate benchmarking exchange, we assist executives in making the business case before key stakeholders and the internal leadership councils you brief.

How do we do this?

Members, now involving over 35 multinational firms, participate in networking and strategy sessions that we host at least twice a year. Each workshop focuses on business management strategy, with detailed case presentations by leading executives from our Corporate Affiliate member companies.

Think of these exchanges as a multi-year alumni association, created for you and your organization, that has now involved over 192 established leaders since 1990. We meet in sets of 40–60 leaders for 4-hour sessions per workshop. We purposely keep the audience to a more intimate number than most conferences to allow for an open dialogue. Also, upon your attaining full membership, we network you with the firms that you need to benchmark with in private sessions.

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Endorsements from Past Workshop
Participants and Affiliate Members

LP Logo

Again, congratulations on a well-run and informative event in Phoenix.

Dave Harvey
Former Vice President, Environmental Affairs


BP Logo

Congratulations on what I thought was the best of your conferences I have attended. I believe the quality of presentation and presenters was remarkable. Your affiliates are getting their money's worth.

Steve Percy
Former CEO and Chair
of British Petroleum America


Goldman Sachs Logo

Congratulations on the organisation of your conference and bringing together a diverse range of outstanding participants. I found it a useful experience in a number of areas — in particular, Tom Chappell's (Tom's of Maine) presentation was a highlight.

Sarah Forrest
Global Investment Research
Goldman Sachs International


Deloitte Logo

One of few workshops or conferences that I have been to that I did not feel like I was being sold to, even though I'm in the selling business.

Kathryn Pavlovsky


DTE Energy Logo

I met many interesting people and learned a tremendous amount in a very short time.

Ed Henderson
DTE Energy


Pentagon Logo

Congratulations on an impressive and successful conference — but of course, you've been accomplishing these little miracles for a long time. I found the presentations most interesting and informative, and the participants were top-drawer. Many thanks to your able staff.

Maureen Koetz
Pentagon, ACC


Whirlpool Corporation Logo

I was very inspired by what I was hearing. I find myself in those kinds of meetings agreeing with the concepts and wishing that I live in a world where that concept is reality. My responsibility on the job is to try to understand what keeps us from getting to that reality, and finding ways to help my company overcome the critical barriers and move closer to the concept. The AHC meetings are great and stimulating, but the greatest value comes from the ideas that we can take back to our office and begin to implement in making positive changes.

Steven P. Willis
Former Director, Global Environment, Health & Safety
Whirlpool Corporation


Energy Answers

Once again, thank you for a stimulating and enlightening conference.

Pat Mahoney
Energy Answers


Triangle Economic Research Logo

You all did a great job with the meeting last month; it was very informative.

Doug MacNair, Ph.D.
Principal Economist
Triangle Economic Research
An Arcadis Company


SC Johnson Logo

I enjoyed the AHC Corporate Affiliates Event. The topics were interesting, speakers were good, and it was an interesting mix of organizations represented.

Lew L. Falbo
SC Johnson


Dear Bruce and Mel:

Hunt Power Logo

I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the outstanding job both of you did in setting up and conducting last week's Renewable Energy and Corporate Strategy workshop. The quality of the speakers was excellent and the conversations on the side were stimulating, productive, and ripe with opportunity. It was exciting to hear some of the best-run companies in America talk about how they are leading energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives in the corporate community. It was even more exciting to speak privately with the individuals who lead those initiatives. Those conversations affirmed opportunities for companies like Sterling Planet and Hunt Power!

Bruce, congratulations on taking your conference formula and successfully applying it to the energy business. Mel, thank you for stepping up and sponsoring this great event. Thanks also for dinner on Thursday night. Finally, thanks to both of you for inviting me to be a part of this.

Personal regards,
Hugh Baker
Hunt Power, LP

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