Corporate Environmental Strategy

The Avalanche of Change Since Bhopal

by Bruce Piasecki

Published February 20, 1995 by Wiley
180 pages • ISBN #978-0471106272

Corporate Environmental Strategy


Here is the inside story of how four major multinational coporations proved that responsible environmental policy is not only right—it's profitable. Union Carbide, ARCO, AT&T, and Warner-Lambert successfully transformed environmental performance from a major liability to a major asset. The methods they developed can be applied in virtually any industry setting to increase competitiveness.

"Bruce Piasecki is a keen observer of the arena where corporate politics and environmental goals intersect. His new book Corporate Environmental Strategy contains invaluable insights into the coming change for the positive in ecological affairs."

— Gregg Easterbrook, Newsweek

"This is a book for policy and opinion leaders, managers, and businesspeople. While others talk about 'green marketing,' Piasecki tackles the harder task of showing how environmental improvement can be used as a strategic asset by industry to gain competitive advantage."

— from the Foreword by Bill Perkins and Ellen Lepper
Founding Partners, The Potomac Communications Group

"Corporate Environmental Strategy will contribute to society's understanding that the environment protection initiative in the United States has moved from polarization to partnership."

— Thomas S. Davis
President and Founder, Thomas Davis and Associates

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