"An Idler in the City"


An Idler in the City

by Bruce Piasecki

Published in
Carpe Articulum Literary Review

December 2010

When I turned forty (more than 15 years ago), I decided to adopt an open, fun-loving — you might say Whitmanesque — attitude toward business travel. Global travel had become so mean, and so severe, due to the checks and insults we have built to restrain and deter terrorism, that I had to "put on my patience cap," if you will, and add an extra day at each end, to visit the cities before and after I worked in them. This essay grows out of those idle days away from home. I became an idler in the great cities.

So begins this latest literary article by author and business consultant Bruce Piasecki. In this essay, he puts his globe-trotting business experiences to good, philosophical — and business-centric — use, in the best tradition of past travel writers. (Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad and A Tramp Abroad spring immediately to mind.)

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Carpe Articulum - December 2010 issue

"Bruce Piasecki has his finger on the pulse of the global corporate/environmental marriage — in fact, he officiated it. If the Global Community listens to his rich experience-based ideas, we could have a sustainable future for our children. The man is insightful and has an uncanny knack for observing microcosmic problems and applying macrocosmic answers that serve us all."

— Hadassah Broscova, Editor-in-Chief
of Carpe Articulum Literary Review,
Founder & President
of Carpe Articulum Foundation