Mark Tulay

Senior Associate


Mark Tulay

Mark has served in leadership roles in sustainability initiatives for over 25 years, focusing on advancing the metrics, measurement and management of corporate sustainability performance. As Program Director and the first employee of Ceres, he was involved in the early stages of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). He co-founded the Strategic Investor Initiative (SII) at CECP, which is re-orienting the capital markets to the long-term and is elevating sustainability factors as a CEO leadership imperative.

Mark serves as the Founder and CEO of Sustainability Risk Advisors (SRA) which helps companies measure and manage what matters most for community, climate and culture.

Mark has a proven record of driving innovation and sustainable growth for environmental organizations, investment firms, companies, and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) ratings and research providers. He has demonstrated a unique ability to collaborate effectively with a diverse mix of constituencies—institutional investors, government, NGOs and companies—towards the common goal of accelerating the global transition to sustainable finance and development.

Mark is a frequent speaker on corporate sustainability issues and has written extensively on environmental, social and corporate governance topics.

Mark serves as Finance and ESG Program Manager for GreenBiz, which is launching the GreenFin Summit to accelerate the rise and growth of sustainable finance and ESG, and its link to corporate sustainability.

He is also a Senior Associate for the AHC Group that convenes experts in corporate strategy and social response since 1981.

Mark serves on Advisory Board’s for Cornerstone Capital Group and holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

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