A. Dwight Bedsole

AHC Group Senior Associate & Workshop Chair

Dwight Bedsole

Assistant EPA Administrator
Marianne Lamont Horinko presents award to Dwight Bedsole.

The award was to the DuPont Corporate Remediation Group Director Dwight Bedsole for the company's pledge to meet two key contamination control measures (Environmental Indicators) by the end of 2005 at 26 Dupont sites. DuPont has committed to meeting the EIs at more sites than any other company.

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Business Experience

Dwight Bedsole

  • Business Director for a $1BBL+/yr. global business (currently $3BBL).
  • Lead Strategic Planning Process for Marketing, R&D and Manufacturing. Operations in 13 countries and sales in 70, with 36 global competitors.
  • Led complete restructure of global vusiness. Replaced extensive mature product line with new environmentally friendly products in over 30 major end-use markets — enormous effort that spanned three years and involved thousands of customers.
  • Developed and implemented global pricing strategies for mature product line in extremely competitive markets.
  • Negotiated joint ventures in China and Saudi Arabia and acquisitions in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.
  • Formation and startup of a 100% subsidiary that marketed environmental remediation services.

Environmental/Safety Experience

  • Worked with the US EPA, State Department and UN to negotiate chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) global phase-out plan with the international community (Montreal Protocol).
  • At the invitation of the UK Government, participated in the investigation of the Flixborough disaster (1974 vapor cloud explosion at a caprolactam plant) that killed 28 people in Flixborough, England.
  • Participated in the formation and management of DuPont Environmental Remediation Services (DERS) — a 100% subsidiary of DuPont (with 350 employees) that sold remediation services to the global market.
  • Chartered and managed the DuPont Corporate Remediation Group (CRG).
  • Provided testimony on stratospheric ozone depletion before the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, 101st Congress.

Remediation Experience

  • Created mission, vision and principles and provided leadership (17 years) to a group chartered with responsibility to manage DuPont's global environmental remediation liabilities. Annual expenditure of approximately $100 million US; liability estimated $350 million low-end, $1.2bbl high-end.
  • Centralized resources — people and funding, created a Center of Excellence for Remediation and managed environmental liabilities with a business approach.
  • Member of Remediation Advisory Board for an international oil and gas company. Provided strategic advice and counsel for a three-year period.
  • Founder and leader of industry coalition group (20+ companies) in New Jersey (Site Remediation Industry Network — SRIN) that has had significant impact on laws, rules and regulations governing remediation in the State.
  • Led Legislative efforts resulting in two bills ( ISRA and Brownfields) that had significant impact on the remediation process in New Jersey.
  • Member of Board Directors for National Brownfields Association (NBA).
  • Provided Leadership to many industry task groups and advocacy efforts — NJDEP Site Remediation Advisory Group, Brownfield Working Group, and NRD Task Group; and represented the concerns of industry through the development of white papers and presentation of testimony at numerous state, federal and public hearings.
  • Presenter and Panelist at national/international industry and regulatory forums on issues related to Superfund, RCRA, Cost/Benefit, Tort Reform, Brownfield Development, Eminent Domain, Natural Resource Damages (NRD), Risk Assessment, Sediments and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Sought after and provided input into the formation of new laws and regulations governing remediation in China and Taiwan.
  • Led industry benchmarks on Remediation Management, Toxic Torts, Liability Estimating and Disclosure, Remediation Metrics, and Safety and Remediation Consultant Contracting Process.
  • Taught short courses on Financial Reporting; published articles in LexisNexis on "Why Remediation Should be Run Like a Business" and "Financial Assurance"; and has Chaired the AHC Group Site Remediation & Management Risk Reduction Workshop for seven years.

AHC Group Senior Associate Experience

  • Provided leadership to 40+ multi-national affiliate members as Workshop Chair  on Site Remediation & Risk Reduction (two workshops per year since 2001) to continuously improve and strengthen the risk management skills of participants and to evolve a more effective business model for managing corporate environmental liabilities.
  • Developed and implemented a Sustainable Growth Program for a multi-national chemical company; defined global mega-trends to identify potential opportunities/risks, designed a framework to set strategies to pursue opportunities and to mitigate risks, developed process, and chartered task groups to fully integrate across global operations.
  • Provided client with best practices to manage enterprise risk from a growing concern in society over green chemistry, safer alternatives, and inherently safer technology.
  • Provided strategic high-level assessment of EH&S governance to Board of Directors of multi-national company — to ensure that they were fulfilling their governance obligations and senior management was doing all they should be doing to support EH&S policies and program objectives.
  • Developed the business case and provided guidance to a client to centralize resources and create a center of excellence to manage corporate environmental liabilities.
  • Developed a Job Safety Analysis Program and Contractor Safety Program; and defined the responsibilities of a Contract Safety Administrator and Site Supervisor for field remediation projects for a multi-national client.
  • Led industry benchmark studies for clients to identify best practices in remediation — safety, metrics, long-term stewardship, and contracting.

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