Valentina Kordi

Senior Associate


The AHC Group has now added an executive mentoring service to benefit our Corporate Affiliates and clients. We have been doing this informally through our Senior Associates, especially through Bruce Piasecki, Ken Strassner, and Steve Percy, for over 20 years.

In adding Valentina Kordi, we are stating our plans to professionalize this service. You can see her skill set as they relate to the AHC Group below:

  • 15 years’ experience as a business administration executive in multinational organizations in the field of human resource management, with specialization in employees training and development and in designing and effective implementation of corporate policies and procedures.
  • 9 years’ experience as a Mindset & High-performance coach for entrepreneurs, executives, and management teams helping them achieve professional and corporate goals by changing their mindset, behaviors, and habits to align their personalities, values, and basic human needs and personal vision with their companies’ vision and strategies and contribute to sustainable success for them.
  • Author of Success Is a Mind Game: How to Achieve Your Business and Professional Goals by Changing Not Only Your Own Mindset and Behavior But Also Your Team’s.

Valentina Kordi
Valentina Kordi

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