Financial Management Network Interview with Bruce Piasecki

October 2017

What do modern workforce trends in the global economy mean for employees?

Is inclusion on the Fortune 500 list an indicator of greatness?

Why is there so much change and turnover in lists like the Fortune 500?

What exactly is a "new world company"?

What are the urgencies and benefits of being this kind of company?

How useful is it to measure "intangibles" such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in today's economy—as so many of these new world companies do?

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In this interview with Financial Management Network, Dr. Bruce Piasecki answers these and other questions, and explains how the surviving companies in this swift and severe world are characterized best by their agility and adaptability to social response.

(Duration: 33 mins. 08 secs.)

New World Companies Interview Video

Learn more about Bruce Piasecki's latest book,
New World Companies.

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