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    We provide management strategy, product, corporate governance, energy strategy, and environmental strategy and implementation consulting around the development of sustainable business value.

    We have done this through multi-year assignments for the leadership councils of major firms and Corporate Affiliates. In recent years we have facilitated corporate growth and changes in corporate strategy in firms as diverse as Toyota, Agrium, and Warren Buffett's global flooring firm Shaw Industries.


    The Corporate Affiliate Program benchmarking workshops apply lessons from environmental strategy, corporate governance, and shareholder value casework. This combines with the organization of a strategic set of thirty-five multinational affiliates to provide a confidential peer-to-peer leadership benchmarking workshop.

    Personalized Benchmarking Workshops — Applying a strategic management strategy developed since 1990, based on the affiliate program model, we create highly driven and intensive benchmarking sessions to align intimate discussions in a sanctuary of premiere leaders who are at the top of their fields, based on your companies needs. Discretion and confidentiality are always of the highest priority.


    Three-day focus groups combining traditional management strategy with environmental, health, and safety functions with new business development challenges. By integrating the diverse skills and services of our Senior Associates we can bridge the gaps and find the potential for growth within your firm.


    Three-month to eighteen-month consulting contracts concluding with personalized implementation sessions. We have done this for most of our Corporate Affiliates since 1981.


    Variable-duration business strategy development commissions with performance-based payments. Here we are ready to discount our hours in exchange for long-term returns.

History of the AHC Group

Bruce Piasecki at AHC Group Headquarters in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Started network of national leaders whose work focused on securing alternatives to the land disposal of hazardous waste and other emerging issues in management strategy. Many of these leaders are Senior Associates today. See bios section.
  • Helped frame legislative debate on the dozens of environmental strategy, corporate governance, and energy issues since 1981.
  • Performed work at the expert level to improve management compliance strategies while reducing costs in environmental audit programs. See Risk, Value & Trends Report in our Leadership Case Studies section.
  • Founded Corporate Environmental Strategy: The Journal of Environmental Leadership (Vols. 1-44). The AHC Group sold this journal to Elsevier Science, which continues to publish this groundbreaking business-and-society publication.
  • Founded Corporate Strategy Today, a journal on business strategy and corporate governance.
  • Launched in 1990 the AHC Group Corporate Affiliates Program based on the strategic development of leadership benchmarking workshops.
  • Saw the evolution of the workshops into premier executive and strategic management benchmarking workshops in which leaders learn from the expertise of our Senior Associates and other leaders of national and multinational corporations — both Corporate Affiliates and non-member companies — in the realms of environmental strategy, corporate governance, shareholder value, site remediation, and risk reduction.

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Mission of the AHC Group

The mission of the AHC Group is to provide expertise in corporate, environmental, and management strategy through its consulting services, benchmarking workshops, publications, and leadership case studies.

Officers and Staff of AHC Group

Biographies of Bruce Piasecki and staff members.

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