driving corporate change in governance and sustainability to meet the near future

driving corporate change in governance and sustainability to meet the near future

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Specializing in the critical areas of corporate governance, energy, product, and environmental strategy.

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In this increasingly complex world in which to do business, AHC Group offers a broader perspective on issues and helps companies create more sensible strategies through focused, clearer thinking.

Ken Strassner, AHC Group Senior Associate and Workshop Chair and former Vice President-Global Environment, Safety, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs for Kimberly-Clark

For more than 20 years, we have established large customer advisory councils and benchmarking workshops based on our network of multi-year Corporate Affiliates.

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The essence of AHC Group consulting services is seen in our insightful consideration for our clients plus our proven ability to communicate strategic goals.

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As the CEO, you’re the futurist of your business, and the product of a futurist’s work is foresight.
~ Jim Blasingame
(Owner of The Small Business Advocate radio alliance and active AHC attendee and speaker)

key business publications

Illustrating the range of services of AHC Group and how they can benefit your organization.

New World Companies:
The Future of Capitalism
by Bruce Piasecki

Latest book on Environmental, Social and Governance metrics and Corporate Strategy.

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new york times bestseller
Doing More With Less:
The New Way to Wealth
by Bruce Piasecki

Available in English, Spanish, and Indian languages.

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Doing More With Teams:
The New Way to Winning
by Bruce Piasecki

Available in English.

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Prior book, World Inc.,
now in 10 different languages

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Join a global network that offers multi-year experience, in-depth knowledge, and know-how of certified advisors and associates, exclusive access to global corporate strategy, sustainability databases and ESG insights and sustainability dissemination across the globe.

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Our strengths have developed over the past quarter century to include the following:

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