Corporate Affiliates

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today; let us move forward with strong and active faith.”
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Benefits of Membership

Why are we confident that these workshops are second to none in a rich field of offerings around the globe?

  1. One advantage the AHC Group has is the quality and diversity of our Senior Associates, who in many cases ran a major multinational, or a division of a multinational. Their experiences include the head of production, EVP of operations, senior VP of corporate affairs, or the firm's chief environmental officer, e.g.:
  2. A second benefit of membership is an orientation at your headquarters with two of our Senior Associates of your choice.
  3. A third important option is the opportunity to send up to three executives and managers to any of our ongoing workshops for a full 12 months. For a preview of the caliber of speakers and topics at these events, download these free, representative sample presentations from the January 2008 benchmarking workshop:
  4. A fourth benefit is a 10% discount off all AHC Group in-house consulting services rates, along with significant discounts from our Strategic Alliance Partners.
  5. Significantly, within your firm as well as to the general public, we also magnify the findings of our workshops through the distribution of our executive briefing, Corporate Strategy Today.
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    This publication tracks near-term developments of consequence in energy, corporate governance, shareholder value, risk reduction, business strategy, and the environment. In this way we can extend the benefits of these benchmarking exchanges well beyond three designated leaders of your firm who are involved each year in our workshops.

  6. In addition, as an Affiliate, you are eligible to receive professional Executive In-house Training at discounted rates:

    Corporate Affiliate Members may contact any of our Senior Associates from across North America and Europe to discuss the new training initiatives, or our workshops on topics ranging from "Power Generation and Emerging Issues" to "Issues for Leadership Councils and Corporate Governance" — all of which we offer on-site to our Corporate Affiliate members.

  7. Finally, we offer membership in sponsored Aliances or attendance in Specialty Workshops that AHC Group facilitates.

AHC Group training programs are tailored to address specific organizational needs, and are accompanied by benchmarking research in your industry sector. For direct access to our Senior Associates, or for other more customized benefits of joining as well, email, or call directly (518) 583-9615.

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