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Corporate Governance and Innovation We offer in-house consulting based on the unique legal, executive, strategic, and investment expertise of our Senior Associates.
Driving Corporate Change We provide trusted strategic advice. We help transform large organizations. We prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of emerging market conditions.
Leader-to-Leader Benchmarking Workshops For more than 20 years, we have established large customer advisory councils and benchmarking workshops based on our network of multi-year Corporate Affiliates.

Since 1981, we have grown consistently and reliably with no debt by selling three kinds of services:

1. We offer classic management advice on positioning for your near future.

2. We offer access to some of the world’s most knowledgeable leaders, and create with them benchmarking experiences for your rapid learning and redeployment.

3. We also in the last ten years began to formalize, based on the 26 years of our Corporate Affiliates workshops involving thousands of leaders and most of the Fortune 500, a set of distinct Training Workshops on emerging corporate risk and issues.

You can see more about this archived history and client history by visiting our AHC Group in Action page. You can also trace the reputation and brand of our group of companies at the website www.worldincbook.com.

AHC Group Enters Third Year in Best Practice Benchmarking Workshop on Carbon and Innovation

Register today for the workshop in Saratoga Springs, New York, June 8–9.

Carbon Workshop

Our Carbon Innovation Sponsors

Comments about the Workshop from Edwin Makkinga, Manager—Carbon and Energy Efficiency at Enbridge:

  • The AHC Group enables us to gain a better understanding and awareness of the policy and investor environment in the United States in the energy sector.
  • The session in Chicago was quite interesting in that it allowed a view into the strategies of a number of other organizations in their focus on the collection of environmental KPIs and how they’re being reported
  • Bruce is an excellent facilitator in that he promotes open dialogue around the table to go deeper into topics of interest to the group.
  • I enjoyed hearing about the innovative work that member companies are doing with respect to the transition to a lower carbon economy.

New Books by Dr. Bruce Piasecki
Coming in 2016 from Square One Publishers

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June 8–9, 2016
Saratoga Springs City Center
Saratoga Springs, NY
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